Author : Steven Penney
Genre : Criminal procedure
Publisher :
ISBN : 0433477814
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
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Author : Donald A. Dripps
Genre :
Publisher : Foundation Press
ISBN : 1684677831
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This casebook on investigative criminal procedure takes a fresh and uniquely contemporary doctrinal approach. It begins with enough history to enable students to follow the historical arguments that pervade the Supreme Court's great landmarks. Those landmarks receive extensive coverage. Scholarly lower-court opinions, however, often are used as force-multipliers, to synthesize and apply the ever-growing Supreme Court case law. Many of these opinions arose from civil actions, illustrating Section 1983 litigation even before the extensive chapter on constitutional remedies. That chapter deals with the exclusionary rule, but also with 1983 and Bivens suits. Institutional reform injunctions--the most dramatic development in the field in decades--receive extensive treatment. Brief but detailed Notes introduce pertinent academic literature, including empirical findings on stop-and-frisk and institutional reform injunctions, systemic feedback loops, the philosophical basis of the privilege against self-incrimination, and the role of race--past and present--in the law of criminal procedure. Prior books emphasize the Supreme Court's decisions applying the constitutional exclusionary rules. This understandable focus comes at a price. Too little attention is paid to the origins of our constitutional rights or to remedies for institutional violence as distinct from invasions of privacy. The prevailing focus on the e-rule risks devoting the whole course to only part (admittedly a very important part) of the law.

Author : American Bar Association. House of Delegates
Genre : Law
Publisher : American Bar Association
ISBN : 1590318730
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 216 page

The Model Rules of Professional Conduct provides an up-to-date resource for information on legal ethics. Federal, state and local courts in all jurisdictions look to the Rules for guidance in solving lawyer malpractice cases, disciplinary actions, disqualification issues, sanctions questions and much more. In this volume, black-letter Rules of Professional Conduct are followed by numbered Comments that explain each Rule's purpose and provide suggestions for its practical application. The Rules will help you identify proper conduct in a variety of given situations, review those instances where discretionary action is possible, and define the nature of the relationship between you and your clients, colleagues and the courts.

Author : Björn Ahl
Genre : Law
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
ISBN : 9781108976114
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
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Contrary to the general perception of legal regression under Xi Jinping, this volume presents a more nuanced picture: It combines a wide range of analytical perspectives and themes in order to investigate questions that link institutional changes within the court system and legal environment with developments in criminal procedure law. The first part of the book investigates topics that contextualise institutional and procedural aspects of the law with a focus on various actors in the judiciary and other state and party organs. The second part of the book shifts the perspective to three controversial themes of criminal procedure reform: pre-trial custody review, live witness testimony in court and criminal reconciliation. By shedding light on performance evaluation of judges and interactions of courts and media the final part of the book introduces two sets of contextual factors relevant to the adjudication of criminal cases.

Author : Jefferson L Ingram
Genre :
Publisher : Routledge
ISBN : 0367371723
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 664 page

Criminal Procedure: Theory and Practice, 3rd Edition, presents a broad overview of criminal procedure as well as a detailed analysis of specific areas of the law that require specialized consideration. The third edition provides students with an updated, comprehensive text written in reader-friendly language to introduce them the field of criminal procedure. Significant edited legal cases are integrated into each chapter, and comments, notes and questions accompany each case. This edition features a new chapter covering searches of Internet-connected devices and electronic devices that may store personally-connected data. The chapter, The Internet of Things, introduces search and seizure concepts related to electronics. In addition, a section at the conclusion of each chapter, How Would You Decide, allows readers to examine the facts of a real case that contain some of the important concepts form each chapter. The reader can compare his/her resolution of the case with the way the actual court determined the issue. Using a balanced text/case format, the author provides an overview of general criminal procedure as well as guidance for law enforcement actions that honor constitutional protections and comport with the rule of law. Instructor support material prepared by the author is available on our website, including lecture slides and instructor's manual with test bank, as well as online updates on new case law in the area of criminal procedure. This textbook is ideal for all Criminal Justice programs, in both 4-year and 2-year schools, especially those preparing future police officers, as well as a reference for law students, and attorneys.

Author : ANONIMO
Genre : Social Science
Publisher : Fred B Rothman & Company
ISBN : 0837700302
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 252 page

Goes beyond a mere literal translation of the code of criminal procedure by supplying the reader with relevant provisions of the German Constitution and from the Court of Organization Law. In addition, numerous comments to individual sections have been added by the translator.

Author : Richard G. Singer
Genre : Law
Publisher : Aspen Publishers
ISBN : STANFORD:36105062234872
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 542 page

Finally, there is a Criminal Law study aid that teachers can recommend to their students with complete confidence: Singer and LaFond's CRIMINAL LAW: Examples and Explanations . Carefully designed to facilitate effective study, and written in a crisp, clear style, this book takes a practical three-step approach: Thorough descriptions explore and explain the concepts under consideration Examples give students an opportunity to test their comprehension by applying the law to contemporary fact patterns Explanations help them measure their mastery of the material and provide suggested answers and feedback Engaging student interest through stimulating hypotheticals, Singer and LaFond make their sophisticated analysis of criminal law not just painless, but actually fun to read. Both comprehensive and contemporary, CRIMINAL LAW: Examples and Explanations, covers provocative and timely subjects in eight major areas: the purposes of punishment Actus Reus and Mens Rea homicide causation inchoate crimes: solicitation and attempt group criminality: conspiracy and complicity rape defenses and excuses

Author : Kai Ambos
Genre : Law
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
ISBN : 9781316510544
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 475 page

Volume two of a comparative study of the concepts that underpin different domestic systems of criminal law and justice.

Author : Carrie E. Garrow
Genre : Law
Publisher : Rowman Altamira
ISBN : 0759107181
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 464 page

This text is a comprehensive introduction to tribal criminal law and procedure in the United States. Garrow and Deer discuss in depth the histories, structures and practices of tribal justice systems, comparisons of traditional tribal justice with Anglo-American law and jurisdictions, elements of criminal law and procedure, and alternative sentences and traditional sanctions Tribal Criminal Law and Procedure will be an invaluable resource for legal scholars and students.

Author : Robert M. Bloom
Genre : Law
Publisher : Aspen Publishing
ISBN : 9781543806861
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 432 page

A favorite classroom prep tool of successful students that is often recommended by professors, the Examples & Explanations (E&E) series provides an alternative perspective to help you understand your casebook and in-class lectures. Each E&E offers hypothetical questions complemented by detailed explanations that allow you to test your knowledge of the topics in your courses and compare your own analysis. Here’s why you need an E&E to help you study throughout the semester: Clear explanations of each class topic, in a conversational, funny style. Features hypotheticals similar to those presented in class, with corresponding analysis so you can use them during the semester to test your understanding, and again at exam time to help you review. It offers coverage that works with ALL the major casebooks, and suits any class on a given topic. The Examples & Explanations series has been ranked the most popular study aid among law students because it is equally as helpful from the first day of class through the final exam.