Author : Melting Pot
Genre : Cooking
Publisher : Melting Pot Restaurants
ISBN : 0979728304
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A collection of fondue recipes from The Melting Pot restaurant.

Author : Seth Godin
Genre : Business & Economics
Publisher : Penguin
ISBN : 1591841666
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A New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestseller In this iconic bestseller, popular business blogger and bestselling author Seth Godin proves that winners are really just the best quitters. Godin shows that winners quit fast, quit often, and quit without guilt—until they commit to beating the right Dip. Every new project (or job, or hobby, or company) starts out fun…then gets really hard, and not much fun at all. You might be in a Dip—a temporary setback that will get better if you keep pushing. But maybe it’s really a Cul-de-Sac—a total dead end. What really sets superstars apart is the ability to tell the two apart. Winners seek out the Dip. They realize that the bigger the barrier, the bigger the reward for getting past it. If you can beat the Dip to be the best, you’ll earn profits, glory, and long-term security. Whether you’re an intern or a CEO, this fun little book will help you figure out if you’re in a Dip that’s worthy of your time, effort, and talents. The old saying is wrong—winners do quit, and quitters do win.

Author : Marion Harris Neil
Genre : Cooking
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ISBN : HARVARD:32044087429650
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Author : Bob Simmons
Genre : Cooking
Publisher : WeldonOwn+ORM
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Over forty gorgeous photos and forty tempting recipes, from creamy cheese dips and decadent sweet fondues, to savory oil and broth pots. What’s not to love about that classic pairing of crusty bread dipped in a medley of melted cheeses or fresh strawberries swirled in warm, creamy chocolate? Fondue is not only a delicious and satisfying way to eat, it’s also a festive way to host company, celebrate a special occasion, or get cozy on a wintry night. The recipes in this book offer a range of fondue fare—from hearty favorites like Classic Swiss Fondue and Beef Fondue with Creamy Horseradish Sauce, to broth-based fondues like Shabu-Shabu and other Asian hot pots, which are enjoyed in stages and are ideal for dinner parties. There are also a variety of dessert fondues to satisfy any sweet tooth. You can add flair to this quick party dish with recipes for homemade dippers, or keep it simple with store-bought treats. No matter what the occasion, the recipes inside this beautifully photographed book are sure to inspire lively conversation and a great time.

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Author : Erin Harris
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Publisher : Rockridge Press
ISBN : 164611731X
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Can-do fondue cookbook--75 recipes for easy-cheesy party fun What's better than a dinner party centered around a bubbling pot of delectable, melted goodness? The Essential Fondue Cookbook is your guide to a communal feast that unites different cultures and flavors, offering countless ways to indulge in a delicious life. Start by learning all of the important tips for throwing a fondue gathering--from how to pick the right fondue pot to how to select the finest cheeses. With this fondue cookbook, you'll dive into 75 deliciously dippable recipes ranging from classic cheese dishes to savory desserts that will elevate any get-together from mundane to memorable. Cook. Dip. Enjoy. Check out what else this fondue cookbook includes: Fondues and don'ts--Discover why swirling your dipper in a figure eight is good and eating straight from your sharpened long-handled fondue fork is bad. Beyond conventional--Not only do the recipes in this fondue cookbook feature chocolate and cheese dishes, there are also lesser-known favorites and techniques like Fondue Bourguignonne. Cheese wisely--Learn how to select the proper cheeses to ensure your meals taste like they were imported from a Swiss restaurant. Treat yourself and your guests to the tasty flavors found in this essential fondue cookbook.

Author : Rhonda Lauret Parkinson
Genre : Cooking
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 9781605504728
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Enjoy 300 easy and delicious fondue recipes perfect for any meal of the day with The Everything Fondue Cookbook. Now you can-do fondue right in the comfort of your home with these 300 decadent and delicious fondue recipes. The Everything Fondue Cookbook offers countless meals for every occasion. Including tips and tricks for how to pick the right pot to choosing the perfect cheese for your meal, this book has everything you’ve ever wanted to know about creating the perfect fondue for any time of the day. This exceptional cookbook offers instruction on preparing: -Starters, such as Sesame Beef Appetizer -Lunch and dinner fondues, such as Breaded Red Snapper -Desserts, such as Creamy Caramel Fondue -Breakfast fondues, such as Ham and Cheese Fondue -Healthy choices, such as Dieter’s Fondue

Author : Rick Rodgers
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ISBN : 0060006242
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Author : Peter Yeldham
Genre : History
Publisher : For Pity Sake Publishing
ISBN : 9780994448507
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ALEX's DIARY - DECEMBER 7th, 1941 Today the war began! I’ve just heard the news on the radio. I was trying to finish my homework in English, and at the same time listen to a talk to improve my Japanese. I often use the radio for this purpose. The Marianist Brothers at St Joseph’s teach us in English and French, but speaking Japanese at school is forbidden. Which is a pretty stupid rule, since this is where I was born and where my family lives, and on leaving school I want to get a job here … Born in Japan of a French father and White Russian mother, Alex Faure greeted news of war in the Pacific with schoolboy enthusiasm. That is until the hardships of being a gaijin and neutral foreigner in Japan during World War II became a stark reality for the Faure family. ALEX's DIARY - DECEMBER 22nd, 1944 Since Sunday night there has been a raid most days and every single night. The bombing has been relentless. It accounts for the sombre mood; no Christmas spirit in evidence anywhere in this city. Certainly none at the French bank … Peter Yeldham masterfully tells Alex Faure’s own true story against the backdrop of real events in wartime Japan. Laced with excerpts from Alex’s diary, Dragons in the Forest is a riveting tale of life as a foreigner in a strange land at a very dangerous time.

Author : Bridget E. Baker
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
Publisher : Purple Puppy Publishing
ISBN : 9781949655131
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"A fast moving, engaging tale in what promises to be an epic fantasy romance series," Kirkus. "Baker's writing is swift but potent, and scenes of action and romance both prove exciting," Publisher's Weekly. My mom should have killed me the day I was born. Being a twin complicates the Evian line of succession, but Chancery Alamecha is fine letting Judica inherit the throne. After all, she’s the stronger sister—the merciless fighter, the ruthless politician, and the groomed heir. But something unexpected happens when Chancery tries on her mother’s staridium ring, forcing her into a role that she never wanted: the prophesied queen who will prevent the destruction of Earth. Now I have to kill my sister. Judica, enraged by this turn of events, vows to do anything to reclaim her rightful place as empress. Including challenging Chancery to a battle to the death. While Chancery is away training, she gets a taste of the human world, where she can do whatever she wants without family obligations. Now torn between a life she was born into and one that makes her happy, she must confront her treacherous sister—or cause the end of the world. ★★★★ AWARDS!! ★★★★ SOVAS 2020 Finalist in Fantasy-Best Voiceover (Audiobook) Whitney Award 2020 Finalist in Fantasy Publisher's Weekly BookLife Prize 2020, Quarter Finalist CRITIC REVIEWS: What are people saying about Displaced? Publisher's Weekly BookLife Prize gave it a 9.25/10: Displaced, the first novel in Baker's Birthright Saga, boasts a fleet, often inspired story of matriarchal superheroes on a Hawaiian island. The story's heart is the conflict between royal teen twins Chancery, the kind-hearted protagonist, and Judica, her cruel sister and the heir to the throne. Baker's story pulses with exciting incident, and even though this is the first book in a series the climax is consequential and exciting, even as it entices readers with the promise of more. Baker's writing is swift but potent. She invests each scene with the heart of her protagonist, so it's always clear what's most important in each moment. The large cast is clearly described and differentiated, and scenes of action and romance both prove exciting. Chancery's perspective is likably wry for a royal narrator. The dialogue varies from flirty teen banter to regal proclamations, but always is crisply crafted. Baker brings fresh energy and invention to even familiar elements like the inevitable royal succession crisis. Her Evians' powers and customs fascinate, and Displaced never misses an opportunity to jolt readers with a surprise. Chancery is a strong and appealing protagonist, split between two worlds and ultimately dragged into battle against her own twin. Both sisters are vividly drawn, as are their paramours, guards, relations, and friends. A letter from Chancery's mother, after that queen's death, is a moving highlight of the story, and Chancery's exciting choices power the narrative from start to epic climax. Kirkus: The notoriously stingy Kirkus called Displaced, "a fast moving, engaging tale in what promises to be an epic fantasy romance series." Check out their full review here: And best of all, READERS: "This book drew me in from the first page. Bridget is a fantastic writer, and the story is intense and beautifully written right out the gate. The authenticity of the characters, coupled with the well thought out and complete character storylines made me feel as if I was in the thick of the story with Chancery and Judica. I couldn’t put it down. I read this book in my spare time over the course of 48 hours. It was absolutely irresistible. I quickly purchased the rest of the books in The Birthright Series, and am anxiously awaiting the sixth installment. After finishing this series, I actually read through all of Bridget’s work, and each and every time, I was blown away by the care and attention to detail that she put into the story. I am in awe of the way that she can manage the entire universe so beautifully. I haven’t been this excited waiting for a new book to be released since I was a kid waiting for Harry Potter, or Twilight to come out."★★★★★ "It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten addicted to reading a book, but Bridget is a very compelling author!" ★★★★★ "She’s phenomenal at laying hints, and she leaves no thread unfinished. What you get is a complete, clean story, everything answered beautifully. Her timing and pacing is incredible as well!" ★★★★★ "If you love romance, if you don’t mind starting a book and never wanting to put it down, and you want a stong female character who is written by a woman with insight into what that really looks like, this is it. Read it. Enjoy it." ★★★★★ Keywords: fantasy, ya urban fantasy, fantasy romance, royal romance, epic fantasy romance, clean ya fantasy, contemporary fantasy, ya contemporary fantasy, ya fantasy romance, teen fantasy romance, teen fantasy, teen urban fantasy.