Author : Judy Slagerman
Genre : Farm ownership
Publisher :
ISBN : CORNELL:31924062785047
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Author : Pat Porter
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Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
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Eleven proven steps that can help you add value to your land are identified and clearly explained by a leading land broker. The steps offered in this short book can help you sell your land faster by improving its overall desirability and helping it stand out among other rural real estate tracts on the market. Top land real estate agents and brokers will try to guide their clients to making reasonable improvements on their property in an effort to get a better price for their land and to help it sell faster. You, as the land owner, can often get these improvements done in simple and cost-effective ways. Your informed effort on the front end can often make your reward on the back more than worthwhile! You will be able to see how some of these steps look on real land tracts of various sizes by seeing some of RecLand's listings at http: // Many of the rural properties listed there will serve as real life examples. You can also hear more practical information related to this by watching some of the videos at http: // RecLand Realty is the Duck Commander and Buck Commander Endorsed Land Broker and sells hunting land, timberland, farms and ranches in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, Iowa and Missouri. We have a broad range of experience in selling land and land management and have captured some of that experience here to help you sell your land faster...or improve it for your own use and enjoyment. (tags: land, real estate, land agents, land brokers, land management, buying land, rural land, recreational land)

Author : Barbara Jane Hall
Genre : Business & Economics
Publisher : Ballantine Books
ISBN : 9780307775801
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Practical, ingenious, and inexpensive, these tips can save your time and help you get the price you deserve for your home. Your house will sell more quickly if a buyer responds to it emotionally. A colorful bed of flowers in the yard or a rocking chair near a pretty window evokes wonderful feelings of home that can make a prospective buyer fall in love with a house. This unique book will show you how to highlight the assets and minimize the drawbacks to make your home sell faster! First, use the handy charts for appraising your home’s strengths and weaknesses. Then discover a wealth of tips to make every room and even your attic, basement, and garage more appealing. • Hang a mirror to add spaciousness to your entryway. • Highlight a fireplace with a fire in winter and a plant in summer. • Freshen up your bathroom with colorful towels and a new shower curtain. • Clean out your closets to make them seem bigger.

Author : William J. Poorvu
Genre : Business & Economics
Publisher : FT Press
ISBN : 9780132703369
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“This well-organized book shows what a typical life in real estate is like so that newcomers can decide whether the field is right for them. It also offers advice on how to grow real estate investments for people who are already in the industry. Poorvu includes a variety of real world stories about people and their career experiences to make for an interesting read with a practical edge.” –Publishers Weekly “This new book by Bill Poorvu trumps any real estate book you’ve ever read.” –James Grant, editor of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer There are plenty of “get rich quick in real estate” books. This is not one of them. Your guide, William Poorvu, is a lifelong real estate investor and consultant, and former head of the real estate program at Harvard Business School. Drawing on his personal experience–and hundreds of interviews with many of the most successful real estate investors and entrepreneurs–Poorvu illuminates every stage of your “life” in real estate: creating wealth, growing it, and managing it successfully. He reveals the milestones, pitfalls, and rewards associated with real estate investing, offering powerful insight into the challenges and opportunities you’ll face as you start out...scale up...ride the industry’s cyclical waves and then leverage, share, or pass along the wealth you’ve created. This book contains dozens of real life personal stories, hands-on checklists, and questions to guide your decisions...and it delivers unparalleled insight into how the real estate industry really works: • Be strategic: choose your best route into the business Define your successful real estate career, and learn how to make it a reality •Build your foundation: your first job, your first deal Spot a great opportunity to add value, and jump on it • Scale up: build and sustain your success Hire a great team, manage them successfully, and find the capital you need to grow • Survive the downturns: be flexible and nimble Recognize new realities, adapt to them, and uncover the opportunities they create • Take stock: make the most of your success Balance your business, wealth, and family

Author : Joey Yap
Genre : Feng shui
Publisher : Joey Yap Research Group
ISBN : 9789834076160
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Stories and Lessons on Feng Shui is a compilation of stories written by leading international Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Master Trainer Joey Yap. This collection of fun, entertaining and easy-to-read stories provides readers with a unique way to learn, explore and discover more about Classical Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology. This revolutionary book for the Feng Shui enthusiast also teaches you simple, straightforward classical methods for improving the Feng Shui of your home. There is also a Mailbag section, where common and popular questions about Feng Shui are authoritatively answered. Educational, fun yet practical, this book will help you see Feng Shui in a new light and gain an appreciation for Classical Feng Shui in its true form.

Author : Ilyce R. Glink
Genre : Business & Economics
Publisher : Three Rivers Press (CA)
ISBN : 0609809334
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A real-estate expert offers advice on preparing a house for sale, getting more value for the home, and selling a home quickly with pointers on contracts, agents, and room-by-room improvements.

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Genre : Farm produce
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Author : Claude Boiron
Genre : Business & Economics
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 9781118018804
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File Download : 224 page

Everything you need to know to succeed in the real estate business, as an agent, broker, or seller Make More Money, Find More Clients, Close Deals Faster illustrates why and how real estate agents need to change the way they do business to better serve their clients, spend resources more wisely, and make more money. The real estate industry is notorious for eating up a real estate agent's time, energy, and money, but many of the inefficiencies are of their own making. As a result, the client suffers from poor and uninformed service. This book provides a new business model for agents that shows how to sell more property, in less time, and develop client relationships that will continue over time, as well as a model for the broker, who can increase the brokerage's revenues through the use of professional development strategies from the book. Shows brokers how to provide better customer service, improve profits and return on investment, and take full advantage of social networking to advertise and attract new clients Written by Claude Boiron, coauthor of Commercial Real Estate Investing in Canada One of the few guides to the subject written particularly for the Canadian real estate market Make More Money, Find More Clients, Close Deals Faster is of value to real estate boards educating new members, academics, as well as agents, brokers, and sellers themselves.

Author : Tara Rampersad
Genre : Computers
Publisher : "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
ISBN : 9780596514174
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Calling Second Life a game is a lot likesaying that an airport is a nice place totake a trip. To some degree it is true, butmost airports are not featured in travelbrochures. This Short Cut is not about the airport.Rather, it is about a destination. The destinationis about how to make a profitablepresence within Second Life--or, atthe least, general guidelines on how toavoid losing money.