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As the economy continues to shift towards technology focused jobs, it is essential that we broaden participation in the learning of computing In doing so, it is critical to address issues of equity and inclusion in our formal and informal educational systems The RESPECT conference is intended serve as a premier venue that brings together experts in gender studies, sociology, education, learning sciences, computer science, and related fields to disseminate and promote interdisciplinary research on broadening participation in computing and engineering

Author : Sharon N. Barnartt
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Focuses attention on the dual themes of theory and methodology that must form a basis for studies of impairment and disability. This work addresses issues that include: critiques of current concepts of disability; the fit between sociological role theory and the concept of disability; and, the operationalization of many definitions of disability.

Author : Zayika Wilson-Kennedy
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This book reports on high impact educational practices and programs that have been demonstrated to be effective at broadening the participation of underrepresented groups in the STEM disciplines.

Author : Donald "DJ" Mitchell Jr.
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The second edition of Intersectionality & Higher Education: Theory, Research and Praxis further documents and expands upon Crenshaw's articulation of intersectionality within the context of higher education.