Author : Keith Reader
Genre : History
Publisher : Contemporary French and Franco
ISBN : 9781789621044
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A cultural history of one of Paris's most fascinating and variegated areas, whose history can be summarized as 'from riches to rags and back again.' From beating heart of fashionable Paris in the Middle Ages to run-down, largely Jewish neighbourhood and post-restoration chic gay habitat, the Marais has probably undergone more major changes in its identity than any other Paris quartier.

Author : Cheryl A. Pientka
Genre : Travel
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
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A collection of lively, user-friendly travel guides provides accurate, up-to-date information and expert, opinionated advice on a wide range of travel destinations, landmarks, accommodations, and eateries, furnishing convenient full-color maps, quick-reference pointers, worksheets and checklists, and icons indicating child-friendly facts, travel tips and warnings, special bargains, and more.

Author : Alex Karmel
Genre : History
Publisher : David R. Godine Publisher
ISBN : 1567921981
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A Corner in the Marais traces the architectural and social development of the City of Lights from its origins as a Roman settlement, through major redevelopments brought about by Henri IV and Baron Haussmann, to the present renovation of old neighborhoods. It begins with Alex Karmel and his French wife realizing a longstanding dream: buying an apartment in the Marais, Paris's celebrated historic district, the site of some of its oldest and most picturesque buildings. It soon becomes clear that their new home, which has witnessed six centuries of French life, offers a fresh and lively vantage point from which to view the city's history, revealing information that will surprise even the most confirmed Francophile. The book concludes with a "walking tour" of the Marais, in which the principal buildings are discussed with brisk authority. Karmel never loses sight of the human details - whether royal feuding, commercial advantage, or family chicanery - that have played their role in shaping Paris as we now know it. Illustrated throughout with photographs and period engravings, A Corner in the Marais is ideal reading for anyone who loves exploring the hidden byways of vieux Paris and experiencing history from a very personal viewpoint.

Author : Maria Gravari-Barbas
Genre : Business & Economics
Publisher : Taylor & Francis
ISBN : 9781317244981
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Tourism gentrification is a critical shaping force of socio-economic and contemporary urban landscapes. This book aims to be the first substantive text on this subject, explaining the multiple and complex relationships between tourism and gentrification and their outcomes and manifestations in contemporary metropolises. This is achieved by drawing on in-depth case analyses addressing the different issues at stake. Part I deals with the manifestations of tourism gentrification and the ways it affects urban landscapes through heritagization and urban regeneration strategies. Part II looks at the correlations between tourism gentrification and culture. Finally, the last two parts aim to identify and examine forms and expressions of tourism gentrification, distinguishing among the actors, beneficiaries, and victims of the phenomenon while looking at its implications for intra-metropolitan territories and metropolitan governance. The book approaches these issues in an innovative way, by looking at a variety of metropolises in a diverse range of countries and by dealing with the different relations and management issues generated by gentrification in relation to tourism. Through interdisciplinary approaches, this groundbreaking text sheds light on the role tourism plays in contemporary metropolises, furthering knowledge of urban tourism. For these reasons, it will be of particular interest to scholars and students of tourism, urban studies, geography, anthropology and sociology.

Author : Everard Wyrall
Genre : History
Publisher : Andrews UK Limited
ISBN : 9781781503157
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The 50th (Northumbrian) Division was a pre-war Territorial (TF) division which recruited from Northumberland, Durham and the North and East Ridings of Yorkshire. The infantry battalions came from the Northumberland Fusiliers, East Yorks, Green Howards and Durham Light Infantry. The division crossed to France on 16 April 1915 and by 23 April it had completed its concentration in the area of Steenvoorde, about 14 miles west of Ypres; the next day it was in action at St Julien during the German gas attacks and by the end of 4 May, the day after the battle of St Julien ended, it had suffered 3746 casualties. The division had been given no period of acclimatisation which was given to all other divisions on arrival on the Western Front.The division remained in the Ypres area till August 1916 when it moved down to the Somme, to III Corps, where it took part in the battles of Flers-Courcelette, Morval and the Transloy Ridges with losses of just over 4,000. The Somme offensive ended on 18 November 1916, but the division remained in that area till March 1917 when it moved up to the Arras sector where preparations were underway for a new offensive by Allenby’s Third Army, which 50 Division now joined. It took part in First and Second Scarpe and the capture of Wancourt Ridge at a cost of 2750 casualties during the two weeks 11to 24 April. The division did not enter the Third Ypres campaign till late in October 1917, in time to fight the Second Battle of Passchendaele from 26 October to the end of the offensive on 10 November.When the Germans launched their final offensive on 21 March 1918, 50th Division was back on the Somme, this time in Fifth Army and in that first week its casualties numbered nearly 3,500. In April it was with First Army at the Lys where it incurred further losses of 4,265. It was then one of the divisions sent down to the Aisne, in the French sector, with IX Corps, ‘for a rest;’ it arrived in time for another major German attack on 27 May, and by 6 June the division had lost almost 7,600 men. It was pulled right back, to the coast in the Dieppe area, and completely reorganizedThis history was the last of the Great War divisional histories to be published, written by the most prolific of all the Great War historians - eight regimental and four divisional histories. Wyrrall died just as he completed his task. In this book he relies considerably on the war diaries and histories of various units, on personal diaries, letters, experiences and anecdotes which together provide a history of the division’s activities seen very much at unit level and in detail. Appendices list all divisional and brigade commanders and the order of battle of units with changes.

Author : United States. Army Map Service
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Nearly the whole of America's partisan politics centers on a single question: Can markets solve our social problems? And for years this question has played out ferociously in the debates about how we should educate our children. From the growth of vouchers and charter schools to the implementation of No Child Left Behind, policy makers have increasingly turned to market-based models to help improve our schools, believing that private institutions--because they are competitively driven--are better than public ones. With The Public School Advantage, Christopher A. and Sarah Theule Lubienski offer powerful evidence to undercut this belief, showing that public schools in fact out-perform private ones.

Author : Denis M. Provencher
Genre : Social Science
Publisher : Routledge
ISBN : 9781317072782
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In this book Denis M. Provencher examines the tensions between Anglo-American and French articulations of homosexuality and sexual citizenship in the context of contemporary French popular culture and first-person narratives. In the light of recent political events and the perceived hegemonic role of US forces throughout the world, an examination of the French resistance to globalization and 'Americanization', is timely in this context. He argues that contemporary French gay and lesbian cultures rely on long-standing French narratives that resist US models of gay experience. He maintains that French gay experiences are mitigated through (gay) French language that draws on several canonical voices - including Jean Genet and Jean-Paul Sartre - and various universalistic discourses. Drawing on material from a diverse array of media, Queer French draws out the importance of a French gay linguistic and semiotic tradition that emerges in contemporary textual practices and discourses as they relate to sexual citizenship in 20th- and 21st-century France. It will appeal to an interdisciplinary readership in gender and sexuality studies, cultural studies, linguistics, media and communication studies and French studies.

Author : David Higgs
Genre : History
Publisher : Routledge
ISBN : 9781134724680
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There are areas which can be described as gay space in that they have many lesbians and gays in the population. Queerspace: A History of Urban Sexuality, edited by David Higgs, offers a history of gay space in the major cities form the early modern period to the present. The book focuses on the changing nature of queer experience in London, Amsterdam, Rio de Janiero, San Francisco, Paris, Lisbon and Moscow. This book provides an interdisciplinary analysis of extensive source material, including diaries, poems, legal accounts and journalism. By concentrating the importance of the city and varied meeting places such as parks, river walks, bathing places, the street, bars and even churches, the contributors explore the extent to which gay space existed, the degree of social collectiveness felt by those who used this space and their individual histories.

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