Author : Stephen King
Genre : Fiction
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 9781501143106
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After an almost fatal car crash, novelist Paul Sheldon finds himself being nursed by a deranged fan who holds him captive.

Author :
Genre : Authors
Publisher : Pearson UK
ISBN : 9781292310008
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Author : Gale, Cengage Learning
Genre : Literary Criticism
Publisher : Gale, Cengage Learning
ISBN : 9781410340597
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Author : John Linarelli
Genre : Law
Publisher : Oxford University Press
ISBN : 9780198753957
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Poverty, inequality, and dispossession accompany economic globalization. Bringing together three international law scholars, this book addresses how international law and its regimes of trade, investment, finance, as well as human rights, are implicated in the construction of misery, and how international law is producing, reproducing, and embedding injustice and narrowing the alternatives that might really serve humanity. Adopting a pluralist approach, the authors confront the unconscionable dimensions of the global economic order, the false premises upon which they are built, and the role of international law in constituting and sustaining them. Combining insights from radical critiques, political philosophy, history, and critical development studies, the book explores the pathologies at work in international economic law today. International law must abide by the requirements of justice if it is to make a call for compliance with it, but this work claims it drastically fails do so. In a legal order structured around neoliberal ideologies rather than principles of justice, every state can and does grab what it can in the economic sphere on the basis of power and interest, legally so and under colour of law. This book examines how international law on trade and foreign investment and the law and norms on global finance has been shaped to benefit the rich and powerful at the expense of others. It studies how a set of principles, in the form of a New International Economic Order (NIEO), that could have laid the groundwork for a more inclusive international law without even disrupting its market-orientation, were nonetheless undermined. As for international human rights law, it is under the terms of global capitalism that human rights operate. Before we can understand how human rights can create more just societies, we must first expose the ways in which they reflect capitalist society and how they assist in reproducing the underlying terms of immiseration that will continue to create the need for human rights protection. This book challenges conventional justifications of economic globalization and eschews false choices. It is not about whether one is "for" or "against" international trade, foreign investment, or global finance. The issue is to resolve how, if we are to engage in trade, investment, and finance, we do so in a manner that is accountable to persons whose lives are affected by international law. The deployment of human rights for their part must be considered against the ubiquity of neoliberal globalization under law, and not merely as a discrete, benevolent response to it.

Author : Carlos G. Bodre
Genre :
Publisher :
ISBN : 9780244769536
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Author : Neon Yang
Genre : Fiction
Publisher : Tor Books
ISBN : 9781250893192
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An immersive, electrifying space-fantasy, Neon Yang's debut novel The Genesis of Misery is full of high-tech space battles and political machinations, starring a queer and diverse array of pilots, princesses, and prophetic heirs. Download a FREE sneak peek today! This is the story Misery Nomaki (she/they), a nobody from a nowhere mining planet. Misery has abilities they shouldn’t though: they can bend the will of stone, a dangerous magic that only "saints" are said to have. These abilities lead Misery to the center of the Empire, where rumors spread that Misery is the next Messiah, and where those in power seek to use Misery to win a terrible war. Amid a nest of vipers, Misery grows close to a rebellious royal, Lady Alodia Lightning, and decides to embrace the legacy the prophecies speak of. True or false, for better or worse, Misery Nomaki will be the Ninth Messiah. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Author : Ronald Lee Fleming
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
ISBN : 1465338837
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
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The Grill, The Best Left Hand In Mount Misery, is a story about a boy who grows into manhood while growing up in the Levistor Towers Housing Projects in Mount Vernon, New York. This is not a rags to riches story, it is a story about a boy who use the game of basketball as an escape, a shield, and ultimately a vehicle, to a better life. You will witness the growth of a boy as he avoids drugs, gangs, and teenage sex, as he focuses in on his goal of a college scholarship. You will laugh, cry, and ultimately cheer, for the main character as he strives to be the best he can be. This book will motivate you to be better tomorrow than you are today, enjoy. Book Review by Monica Fleming wrote on your timeline. Hey Ron!!! The book its remarkable! Every time I have to put it down I cannot wait to pick back up again! Book: Blended A Family Story. November 27, 2010 at 2:28pm Book Review by Dona B. Shelton-Wiggins Hey Ron, I just finished a blended family. I finished Mount Misery on Tuesday. I loved the trip down memory lane, some of the names and things made me weep, but it was a good weep for they are memories that no one can touch. It was a very good book and I am glad you have become the successful man that you are. Now on to a blended family.. oohhh I wanted to choke the life out of Charles Jr. and his Momma. I loved that novel as well. I couldnt stand Wanda and her momma wanted to beat them as well. I loved Edgar & his family. I especially enjoyed how you paid homage to Papa Wongs as the Chinese restaurant. Keep up the good work. And may God continue to bless ya Book Review by Dana Doggett wrote on your timeline. Ron, Just finished reading your book Blended A Family Story. I enjoyed reading from page 1 to the last page. Very nice read. Youre an excellent AUTHOR and good story teller. Looking forward to your Autograph of my book in August when you come to Mount Vernon...Its nice I can tell people I know and grew up with the Author RONALD FLEMING! Looking forward to "The Grill" rewrite. May 18, 2011 at 6:53am Book Review by Dana Doggett Ron, I enjoyed the Grill! Nice story of your life all the way to the ending. Very well written. Brought back a lot of good memories of people from our childhood and teenage years. Was nice to see names of people that I forgot and that brought back good memories also. If I didnt grow up with you I would have still enjoyed your story. The author tells a wonderful story and I am proud to say I know him! A must read for all you FB friends and for anyone... Book Review by Alida Rogers wrote on your timeline. Hey Ron, me n Wayne got our books! Wayne is right now perusing the book n looking at some throwbacks saying Wow I remember that, September 13, 2011 at 2:34pm Book Review by Sherry Frazier Reading my home boy Ron Fleming book we grew up together in Mt. Vernon same bldg. 70 West the Best :-) A Positive person from Mount Vernon Love the book and he have a few pics of me when I was a child in the book oh how sweet, back then we were all so close like family. Great Book to read and have. September 16 His book is about growning up in Mount Vernon you might like a copy for yourself. September 16 at 1:05pm Book Review by Darlene Newkirk Alexander Hello Ron, I do not remember you but I am reading your book which I purchased on IBooks... I am reminiscing my child hood ventures on the# 2 train going to 14 th street on Saturday mornings... Thanks for the venture!!!! Book Review by Jackie Monroe McCray Got the book yesterday - on Pg 83. Will let you know when I finish BTW Pretty Boy was my husbands great uncle! Hey Ron - I, too, enjoyed reading The Grill! It brought back many memories of growing up in Mt. Vernon. Although I didnt live in the projects, I was always in that area a great deal because of friends and had the opportunity to experience the Social Room and

Author : M. Rapley
Genre : Psychology
Publisher : Springer
ISBN : 9780230342507
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 305 page

Psychiatry and psychology have constructed a mental health system that does no justice to the problems it claims to understand and creates multiple problems for its users. Yet the myth of biologically-based mental illness defines our present. The book rethinks madness and distress reclaiming them as human, not medical, experiences.

Author : Maggie Pearson
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
Publisher : Darby Creek
ISBN : 9781512413427
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 180 page

A little old man learns the secret behind a magical fiddle. An undersea princess leaves her amber palace for love. A mule waits for revenge on the one who wronged her . . . Explore folktales, myths, legends, and fables from around the world. From magical to funny, tender to terrifying, these stories carry the spirit of diverse cultures and traditions around the world.

Author : C. A.W.
Genre : Poetry
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
ISBN : 9781796012378
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 134 page

The main subject of Brooding Misery in large margin requires no description. Its mood is utterly bleak; however, there is much hope between the lines: “Long is the way and hard that out of Hell leads up to light.” This quote, taken from John Milton’s “Paradise Lost,” functions moreover as the key to understanding the central theme of the book, which is transcendence. In the broadest sense, it regards the bounds and fetters of one’s own personal hatred—in turn, calling it to the surface, illuminating it, and exercising it like a poison from one’s own soul. The narrator’s conflict is expressed and is defined through various negative emotions running through the book, which is rife with themes of self-loathing, guilt, pride, shame, anger, treachery, and of course, misery. Throughout the book, the narrator gives voice to his inner spiritual struggles yet, by the end of the journey, seeks to rise up against the darkness that permeates the depths within.