Author : Lorenzo Bianconi
Genre : Music
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
ISBN : 0521269156
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
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Examines musical life in the seventeenth century, a period of profound change in the history of music.

Author : Tim McHugh
Genre : Medical
Publisher : Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN : 0754657620
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 220 page

This book explores poor relief and charitable health care in French cities during the seventeenth century, a period that witnessed much reform and change in the way these services were administered. By reintegrating the social aspirations of urban elites into the history of French poor relief, it shows how they initiated reform in towns and cities when it suited them, but where such reforms were not perceived as needed, or not affordable, they ignored central government edicts to build new institutions. In other words, reforms of poor relief and health welfare were local and shaped by local experiences, not as part of the crown's drive towards centralization.

Author : Harry B. Evans
Genre : Social Science
Publisher : University of Michigan Press
ISBN : 0472112481
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 309 page

An insightful assessment of the work of Raffaele Fabretti, the first researcher of Rome's aqueduct system

Author :
Genre :
Publisher :
ISBN : UVA:X006188071
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File Download : 132 page

Author : Marvin J. Heller
Genre : Hebrew imprints
Publisher :
ISBN : UOM:39015061097328
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 570 page

"The Sixteenth Century Hebrew Book" covers the gamut of Hebrew literature in that century. Each entry has a descriptive text page and an accompaning reproduction. There is an extensive introduction with an overview of Hebrew printing in the sixteenth century.

Author : J. Leslie Price
Genre : History
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN : 9781349269945
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 172 page

The Dutch Republic emerged from the epic revolt of the Netherlands against Spanish rule in the late sixteenth century and almost immediately became a major political force in Europe. Leslie Price - an acknowledged expert in the field - shows how this extraordinary new state, a republic in a Europe of monarchies, was able to achieve such successes despite the burdens of the Eighty Years War with Spain, which only came to a definitive end in 1648.

Author : Sarah C. E. Ross
Genre : Literary Criticism
Publisher : OUP Oxford
ISBN : 9780191036163
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 272 page

Women, Poetry, and Politics in Seventeenth-Century Britain offers a new account of women's engagement in the poetic and political cultures of seventeenth-century England and Scotland, based on poetry that was produced and circulated in manuscript. Katherine Philips is often regarded as the first in a cluster of women writers, including Margaret Cavendish and Aphra Behn, who were political, secular, literary, print-published, and renowned. Sarah C. E. Ross explores a new corpus of political poetry by women, offering detailed readings of Elizabeth Melville, Anne Southwell, Jane Cavendish, Hester Pulter, and Lucy Hutchinson, and making the compelling case that female political poetics emerge out of social and religious poetic modes and out of manuscript-based authorial practices. Situating each writer in her political and intellectual contexts, from early covenanting Scotland to Restoration England, this volume explores women's political articulation in the devotional lyric, biblical verse paraphrase, occasional verse, elegy, and emblem. For women, excluded from the public-political sphere, these rhetorically-modest genres and the figural language of poetry offered vital modes of political expression; and women of diverse affiliations use religious and social poetics, the tropes of family and household, and the genres of occasionality that proliferated in manuscript culture to imagine the state. Attending also to the transmission and reception of women's poetry in networks of varying reach, Sarah C. E. Ross reveals continuities and evolutions in women's relationship to politics and poetry, and identifies a female tradition of politicised poetry in manuscript spanning the decades before, during, and after the Civil Wars.

Author : Wayne Franits
Genre : Art
Publisher : Routledge
ISBN : 9781351546225
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 478 page

Despite the tremendous number of studies produced annually in the field of Dutch art over the last 30 years or so, and the strong contemporary market for works by Dutch masters of the period as well as the public's ongoing fascination with some of its most beloved painters, until now there has been no comprehensive study assessing the state of research in the field. As the first study of its kind, this book is a useful resource for scholars and advanced students of seventeenth-century Dutch art, and also serves as a springboard for further research. Its 19 chapters, divided into three sections and written by a team of internationally renowned art historians, address a wide variety of topics, ranging from those that might be considered "traditional" to others that have only drawn scholarly attention comparatively recently.

Author : Warren M. Billings
Genre : History
Publisher : University of North Carolina Press
ISBN : UVA:X030250916
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 405 page

A revised, expanded, and updated edition of this teaching tool and research volume adds approximately thirty additional documents to the more than two hundred period documents on topics including the settlement of Jamestown and the structure of government and society. Simultaneous.

Author : Paolo Mancosu
Genre : History
Publisher : Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN : 9780195084634
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 275 page

Includes bibliographical references and index.