Author : Michael Savage
Genre : Political Science
Publisher : Center Street
ISBN : 9781455536146
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 144 page

New York Times bestselling author Michael Savage delivers a heartwarming book about his experiences and relationship with his dog Teddy. Listeners know Teddy as the silent "other host" of The Savage Nation. He's at Michael Savage's side during every broadcast, guarding the radio equipment and nipping the engineer's sneakers. But the fun doesn't end when the "On-Air" light goes off. Teddy is Savage's constant companion, in the car, at home, and even shopping. Most important, he's Savage's inspiration, helping him remember the most important things in life are the little things. TEDDY AND ME is a rare glimpse into the life of one of America's most popular talk radio hosts. Come along for the ride as Savage and his best friend explore the streets of San Francisco, ride the "Tedevator," and read bedtime stories together. If you've ever wondered how the conservative icon who can go from zero to enraged in a matter of seconds has kept his sanity in an insane world, this book has the answer. To the political establishment, he's a force of nature, but to Teddy, Michael Savage is just his "service human." Spend a day in the life of a media giant and the most politically savvy canine alive in TEDDY AND ME.

Author : Sam Gross
Genre : American wit and humor, Pictorial
Publisher :
ISBN : 0399512306
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 96 page

Author : Ted Leavitt
Genre :
Publisher :
ISBN : 1999579100
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 388 page

An entertaining and poignant memoir of Ted Leavitt's life leading up to the discovery of his ADHD as an adult, the aftermath, and all of the changes that occur as a result of this revelation.

Author : Vikki VanSickle
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
Publisher : Tundra Books
ISBN : 9780735263925
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 42 page

The teddy bears' picnic gets a modern twist in this warm and fuzzy picture book about a young teddy bear who learns that small acts of kindness can make a big difference. Ollie is a regular bear with a regular job. He listens to his girl's stories about her days, he snuggles her to sleep and he is there waiting when she gets home from school. Just your typical teddy bear stuff. So when he is whisked away to the annual teddy bears' picnic, he feels insignificant compared to the other bears who do daring and daunting things: sleepovers, hospital stays--even a night in the lost and found! After small talk with a regional stuffing manager, a department of cuddling official and a stitchery inspector; a stop at the snack table; and even some team building activities, it's time for the teddy bear service awards . . . and Ollie feels even more small and unimportant. But he soon learns that it's not just the big things that matter, it's the little things too. While parents will love the tongue-in-cheek office-party details, kids and parents alike will fall in love with Ollie: a sweet bear who discovers that his love for his girl makes him very special indeed.

Author : Michelle Cartlidge
Genre : Bedtime
Publisher : Candlewick Press (MA)
ISBN : 1564020762
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 24 page

After playing in the bath, Teddy goes to bed with his favorite toys.

Author : James Sage
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
Publisher : Kids Can Press Ltd
ISBN : 9781525303043
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 40 page

A delightful tale of the first-ever teddy bear. The story goes that on a hunting trip in 1902, President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear. A political cartoonist shared the story in the newspaper and then, impressed by the president’s big, warm heart, shopkeepers Rosie and Morris Michtom decided to create a “Teddy” bear in his honor to sell in their store. The bear was so popular, they made another. And another. And before they knew it, they needed to build a factory: it seemed every child wanted a teddy bear of their own! History with a twist of fun! Now there’s even more to love about the ever-popular toy!

Author : Cathy East Dubowski
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
Publisher : Simon Spotlight
ISBN : 0671568345
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 86 page

"Camp stinks! Dad, come get me!"Michelle is off to sleep-over camp. And she's sure she is going to have the best summer ever!Wrong! By the second day, she hates camp! A big bully named Brenda won't leave Michelle alone. Brenda kicks Michelle out of her bunk. She sneaks salt into her cereal. She even steals Michelle's teddy bear!Michelle is furious. She want to get even! Does Michelle have what it takes to put Brenda in her place?

Author : Pauline Cockrill
Genre : Teddy bears
Publisher :
ISBN : 0863186556
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 128 page

Charts the evolution of teddy bears, from the first Steiff bear to the modern Merrythought bear. An in-depth catalogue section, organized chronologically by description, and a quick-reference fact panel annotation are included. Teddy bear anatomy, clothes and accessories are displayed for every breed and generation of bear. This book also includes features of well-known personality bears, such as Winnie-the-Pooh and Paddington and includes tips on starting your own collection of teddy bears, caring for bears, and taking part in bear-related activities. Pauline Cockrill is Exhibitions Officer at The Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood.

Author : Susan Hood
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
Publisher : Reader's Digest Children's Books
ISBN : 1575842629
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 10 page

Children turn a spinner on each page to learn about opposites. On board pages.

Author : Jez Alborough
Genre : Bears
Publisher :
ISBN : 0760711909
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : page

Eddie and his teddy have some scarry adventures in the woods with one really big bear.