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During the 1950s, with the Cold War looming, military planners sought to know more about how to keep fighting forces fit and capable in the harsh Alaskan environment. In 1956 and 1957, the U.S. Air Force's former Arctic Aeromedical Laboratory conducted a study of the role of the thyroid in human acclimatization to cold. To measure thyroid function under various conditions, the researchers administered a radioactive medical trace, Iodine-131, to Alaska Natives and white military personnel; based on the study results, the researchers determined that the thyroid did not play a significant role in human acclimatization to cold. When this study of thyroid function was revisited at a 1993 conference on the Cold War legacy in the Arctic, serious questions were raised about the appropriateness of the activityâ€"whether it posed risks to the people involved and whether the research had been conducted within the bounds of accepted guidelines for research using human participants. In particular, there was concern over the relatively large proportion of Alaska Natives used as subjects and whether they understood the nature of the study. This book evaluates the research in detail, looking at both the possible health effects of Iodine-131 administration in humans and the ethics of human subjects research. This book presents conclusions and recommendations and is a significant addition to the nation's current reevaluation of human radiation experiments conducted during the Cold War.

Author : J. R. McNeill
Genre : History
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
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Explores the links between the Cold War and the global environment, ranging from the environmental impacts of nuclear weapons to the political repercussions of environmentalism.

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This report is divided into three sections: (1) "openness in government", describes steps the Administration has taken to make government records of human radiation experiments readily available to the public; (2) "protecting future human subjects", sets forth the Administration's actions to strengthen the protection of human subjects; (3) "righting past wrongs", summarizes the Administration's efforts to notify the public and individuals about past human radiation experiments and bring justice to those affected by the government's mistakes. This report presents those actions that are completed or underway.

Author : Michael Christopher Gibbons
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Paralleling emerging trends in cyber-health technology, concerns are mounting about racial and ethnic disparities in health care utilization and outcomes. This book brings these themes together, challenging readers to use, promote, and develop new technology-based methods for closing these gaps. Edited by a leading urban health advocate and featuring 16 expert contributors, the book examines cyber-strategies with the greatest potential toward effective, equitable care, improved service delivery and better health outcomes for all. The rise of e-Patients and the transformation of the doctor-patient relationship are also discussed.

Author : DIANE Publishing Company
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Publisher : DIANE Publishing
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Examines progress that the U.S. government has made to identify and catalog the many radiation experiments carried out in the U.S. involving human subjects and to establish an effective set of policies and procedures to protect citizens from dangerous and unethical research practices. Presents testimony from representatives from the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the State of Alaska, the Task Force on Radiation and Human Rights, Concerned Relatives of Cancer Study Patients, the National Institute of Health (Office for Protection from Research Risks), the Dept. of Energy, the General Accounting Office, and the Dept. of Defense.

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Named an Outstanding Academic Title for 2009 byChoice! "[A] set of almost 70 essays, all well informed and many with attitude." Harold Shapiro, PhD Professor Emeritus and Professor of Economics and Public Affairs Princeton University, Former Chair, National Bioethics Advisory Board "This most noteworthy and authoritative collection of 67 essays...represents 'the Penn way of doing bioethics' ....The Penn Center is widely known for multidisciplinary scholarship that emphasizes empirical inquiry on bioethical issues coupled with practical application(s)....The book provides excellent coverage of...both classical topics (e.g., informed consent, infertility, eugenics) and emerging issues (e.g., cloning, nonprofessional caregiving, privacy of thought in the age of brain imaging). The contributors, including the three editors, are either well-established or emerging scholars. Each essay offers historical background, an overview of relevant issues, a conclusion, and a list of references....Summing Up: Highly recommended."--Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries "This well-written book addresses a wide-ranging assortment of traditional bioethics issues that persist in the field as well as contemporary bioethics concerns that have evolved with new technologies and medical advances. This is a great resource for scholars in bioethics as well as various other relevant disciplines concerned with bioethical issues." Score: 96, 4 stars--Doody's Medical Reviews The Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania is the internationally recognized leader in bioethical education and research. Its interdisciplinary faculty is drawn from the fields of medicine, law, nursing, education, philosophy, psychology, and religious studies. Arthur L. Caplan, the Center's founding director, is recognized as one of the most influential experts in bioethics. He has authored numerous books and articles, and served as the Chair of the Advisory Committee to the United Nations on human cloning. The Penn Center's leading fellows, Autumn Fiester and Vardit Ravitsky, have combined their expertise with Dr. Caplan and over 80 other contributors to create The Penn Center Guide to Bioethics--the foremost authority on both traditional and cutting-edge bioethical issues. The Penn Guide navigates uncharted ethical terrains, undoubtedly shaping both academic and public discourses on the challenging controversies generated by new technologies, theories, and medical advances. This volume represents the Penn Center's distinct, pioneering approach to bioethics, one that emphasizes empirical treatment of bioethical issues, and the integration of bioethical scholarship with practical application. Learn what the Penn Center has to say about: Neuroethics and brain imaging: Is my mind mine? Choosing future people: reproductive technologies and identity Eugenics and survival of the fittest in the modern world Bioethics and national security Vaccination, abortion, nanotechnology, organ transplantation, end-of-life issues, and more The Penn Guide will be the definitive text for policy makers, health practitioners, researchers, and students. This book will also inform the general public, patients, and family members as they seek answers to the bioethical issues of the day.

Author : Kenneth L. Mossman
Genre : Law
Publisher : CRC Press
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Public misperception of radiological risk consistently directs limited resources toward managing minimal or even phantom risks at great cost to government and industry with no measurable benefit to overall public health. The public's inability to comprehend small theoretical risks arrived at through inherently uncertain formulae, coupled with an ir

Author : Nora Haenn
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The Environment in Anthropology presents ecology and current environmental studies from an anthropological point of view. From the classics to the most current scholarship, this text connects the theory and practice in environment and anthropology, providing readers with a strong intellectual foundation as well as offering practical tools for solving environmental problems. Haenn, Wilk, and Harnish pose the most urgent questions of environmental protection: How are environmental problems mediated by cultural values? What are the environmental effects of urbanization? When do environmentalists’ goals and actions conflict with those of indigenous peoples? How can we assess the impact of “environmentally correct” businesses? They also cover the fundamental topics of population growth, large scale development, biodiversity conservation, sustainable environmental management, indigenous groups, consumption, and globalization. This revised edition addresses new topics such as water, toxic waste, neoliberalism, environmental history, environmental activism, and REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation), and it situates anthropology in the multi-disciplinary field of environmental research. It also offers readers a guide for developing their own plan for environmental action. This volume offers an introduction to the breadth of ecological and environmental anthropology as well as to its historical trends and current developments. Balancing landmark essays with cutting-edge scholarship, bridging theory and practice, and offering suggestions for further reading and new directions for research, The Environment in Anthropology continues to provide the ideal introduction to a burgeoning field.

Author : Ezra E. H. Griffith, M.D.
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Graduate of Harvard Medical School, president of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, founding national chair of the Black Psychiatrists of America: the list of Chester Pierce's accomplishments alone cement him as a luminary in the field--and that is before one considers how foundational his theories about racism as an environmental pollutant are to modern mental health. Reprinted with a new introduction, this collection of interactive conversations between Ezra Griffith and Pierce sheds light on the man behind the impressive titles and oft-cited theories. Focusing on different stages of Pierce's life and career, it traces his path of achievement in the face of obstacles both individual and institutional. What emerges is more than just a revealing portrait of one particularly determined and talented man. It is a chronicle that illustrates distinct methods of coping with the stress of racial discrimination and new ways to approach narrative stories about Black lives that will prove illuminating to anyone interested in gaining a greater understanding of how to evaluate the salience of race matters in people's lives.