Author : Danielle Steel
Genre : Fiction
Publisher : Random House
ISBN : 9781446487709
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
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Gaëlle de Barbet is sixteen years old in 1940 when the German army occupies France. In a matter of months, her father and brother are killed, her mother descends into madness, and her closest friend, Rebekah Feldmann, is sent to a detention camp. Taking terrifying risks, Gaëlle becomes a member of the Resistance, fearlessly delivering Jewish children to safety underneath the eyes of the Gestapo and their French collaborators. Conducted in secret, her missions for the Resistance will mark her for years. In the final days of the war, she executes a plan to help save France's art treasures. But when the war draws to a close, she is falsely accused of collaboration, and flees to Paris in disgrace. There, she begins a new life that eventually takes her to New York, from a career as a Dior model to marriage and motherhood, unbearable loss, and mature, lasting love when she returns to France. The ghosts of the past are always near. No matter where she goes, her label as a collaborator remains, until her granddaughter, a respected political journalist, embarks on a journey to see her grandmother recognized as the war hero she was . . . Danielle Steel is famous for her inspirational stories about family, love and life. Her novels will be enjoyed by readers of Penny Vincenzi, Jodi Picoult and Diane Chamberlain.

Author : Isabel Miller
Genre : Fiction
Publisher : arsenal pulp press
ISBN : 9781551523576
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
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“A remarkable story.”—Publishers Weekly Set in the nineteenth century, Isabel Miller’s classic lesbian novel traces the relationship between Patience White, an educated painter, and Sarah Dowling, a cross-dressing farmer, whose romantic bond does not sit well with the puritanical New England farming community in which they live. They choose to live together and love each other freely, even though they know of no precedents for their relationship; they must trust their own instincts and see beyond the disdain of their neighbors. Ultimately, they are forced to make life-changing decisions that depend on their courage and their commitment to one another. First self-published in 1969 in an edition of one thousand copies, the author hand-sold the book on New York street corners; it garnered increasing attention to the point of receiving the American Library Association’s first Gay Book Award in 1971. McGraw-Hill’s version of the book a year later brought it to mainstream bookstores across the country. Patience & Sarah is a historical romance whose drama was a touchstone for the burgeoning gay and women’s activism of the late 1960s and early 1970s. It celebrates the joys of an uninhibited love between two strong women with a confident defiance that remains relevant today. This edition features an appendix of supplementary materials about Patience & Sarah and the author, as well as an introduction by Emma Donoghue, the Irish novelist whose numerous books include the contemporary Dublin novels Stirfry and Hood, the latter of which won the ALA’s Gay and Lesbian Book Award in 1995. Little Sister’s Classics is an Arsenal Pulp Press imprint dedicated to reviving lost and out-of-print gay and lesbian classic books, both fiction and nonfiction. The series is produced in conjunction with Little Sister’s Books, the heroic gay Vancouver bookstore well-known for its anti-censorship efforts. Isabel Miller was the author of numerous novels, including two under her real name, Alma Routsong. She died in 1996.

Author : Hamid Gharavi
Genre : Law
Publisher : Kluwer Law International B.V.
ISBN : 9789041117175
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
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In international arbitration as practiced today, few issues are as controversial and hotly debated as the foreign enforcement of an arbitral award that has been annulled in its originating jurisdiction. As more and more jurisdictions challenge such annulments, the issue has inevitably attracted the intense scrutiny of practitioners and scholars. Now, in the first book written on the subject--and a major work unlikely to be superseded for quite some time--the international practitioner and scholar Dr. Hamid G. Gharavi provides a keen, in-depth analysis of the sources, legal and practical grounds, and possible solutions of the problem, particularly as it affects international business transactions in the global economy. Dr Gharavi analyzes the relevant provisions in all major international arbitration conventions, as well as national laws on the annulment and enforcement of arbitral awards in force in more than fifty different countries. Among the book's most notable features are the following: invaluable information on, and an in-depth analysis of, the travaux pr?paratoires of the New York Convention pertaining to the articulation of annulment/enforcement controls; the effects of the cultural, judicial, and legal diversity of states; and clear elucidation of the interests that often separate North from South in the practice of arbitration. With detailed attention to theoretical and practical perspectives--especially as they reveal the dangers to which the enforcement of annulled awards can subject international business operators-- Dr Gharavi arrives, after consideration of all interests, at a global resolution aiming to establish an effective and harmonious international legal framework for the control of awards in accordance with the nature and mission of arbitration.

Author : Review Body on Doctors' and Dentists' Remuneration
Genre : Medical
Publisher : The Stationery Office
ISBN : 0101851820
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The Review Body on Doctors' and Dentists' Remuneration is an independent body that makes recommendations to the Prime Minister, the Secretary of State for Health, and the appropriate Ministers and departments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in respect of pay. The Review takes in account the following considerations: (i) The need to recruit, retain and motivate doctors and dentists; (ii) Regional/local variations in labour markets; (iii) The funds available to the Health Departments; (iv) The overall strategy of the NHS in respect of patient care. The consultant body is comprised of the most senior medical and dental staff in the NHS, who have expert knowledge in their specialities. The Review Body concludes that the overall compensation for consultants is appropriate, but has some reservations about existing schemes and believes that awards should not be a substitute for pay progression. The Review Body outlines a proposed integrated package and career structure for consultants.

Author : Dianne Warren
Genre : Fiction
Publisher : HarperCollins
ISBN : 9781443445122
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WINNER OF THE CITY OF REGINA BOOK AWARD From the winner of the Governor General’s Literary Award, an engaging new novel about the unconventional Estella Diamond and her struggle with the expectations that bind her family Estella Diamond is the youngest child and only daughter of a successful brick-factory owner, a self-described family man who is not averse to being called a kingpin. Estella’s precocious nature leads her to discover something none of her brothers know: that their father was once married to an aspiring ceramics artist named Salina, who dreamed big and turned her back on society’s conventions. Estella grows up planning her future in the image of her father’s daring first wife, rather than that of her traditional mother. When her plans are derailed again and again by the family patriarchy, she longs to rebel and be like Salina. Unable to openly challenge her father, and with a chorus of sisters-in-law passing judgment, she does the right thing instead, and plays the role of the good daughter. Until she doesn’t. The effects of Estella’s rebellion will stay with her and the family for years, until she is left alone in the house her father built with only her housekeeper, Emyflor, for company. When an uncompromising young woman named Hannah Diamond enters her world, Estella is forced to wrestle with the legacy she helped create and to confront the woman she has become, just in time for one last reinvention.

Author : Federal/Provincial/Territorial Family Law Committee (Canada)
Genre : Alimony
Publisher :
ISBN : UOM:39015037828939
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Custody, access, non-custodial parent.

Author : Ross Finnie
Genre : Alimony
Publisher : Canadian Government Publishing
ISBN : UOM:39015034519168
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 212 page

In 1990, the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Family Law Committee began a study to address widespread dissatisfaction with the determination of child support. A four-year program of research was begun to develop a formula that could be used to determine child support awards in cases of family breakdown. The research program was carried out in three phases. This summary highlights the methodology and key findings, including standards of living, average child support awards, and effects on lower and higher income families; the development and analysis of four formulas that involved income shares with reserve, flat percentages, surplus shares, and a revised fixed percentage; adjustment of the selected formula for low income situations; and changing the tax treatment of child support. The report also includes an overview of the research program to develop a Canadian child support formula.

Author : William R. Spiegelberger
Genre : Arbitration agreements, Commercial
Publisher : Juris Publishing, Inc.
ISBN : 9781937518455
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 340 page

Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Russia presents issues peculiar to the Russian legal system and legal culture generally. The culmination of perhaps years of arbitration, enforcement of arbitral awards is a crucial element of arbitration and a subject best not taken lightly or left to the last minute. The Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Russia parses the judgments of Russian courts, with a particular focus on the decision-making processes of Russian judges as reflected in their judgments. The Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Russia addresses several questions, such as: • Which Russian courts enforce awards and what are they like? • What laws, treaties, and rules apply? • How do the courts reach their decisions? • Do those courts sometimes reach anomalous conclusions? • What should an applicant for enforcement watch out for? • What are the common pitfalls? With the help of Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Russia non-Russian readers will be able to ask intelligent questions, earlier rather than later, of the local counsel who will be making an application for enforcement in the Russian courts.

Author : Diane L. Barlow
Genre : Social Science
Publisher : Emerald Group Publishing
ISBN : 9781786359322
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 248 page

Winners of the James A. Partridge Outstanding African American Information Professional Award examine issues of race, inclusion, diversity, and justice. Their insights are complimented by the writings of other scholars, educators, and practitioners who study, teach about, and experience issues of race in the field firsthand.

Author :
Genre : Government productivity
Publisher :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105130081057
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