Author : Jane Aldgate
Genre : Child welfare
Publisher : Stationery Office Books (TSO)
ISBN : 0113222637
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The Children Act 1989 is one of the most important pieces of legislation relevant to children's services. In the 1990's the Department of Health initiated a programme of research on how it was being implemented. This publication summarises and brings together the findings from 24 of these studies.

Author : OECD
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Publisher : OECD Publishing
ISBN : 9789264179370
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This OECD report focuses on how best to close gender gaps under four broad headings: 1) Gender equality, social norms and public policies; and gender equality in 2) education; 3) employment and 4) entrepreneurship.

Author : Great Britain. Dept. of Health
Genre : Adoption
Publisher : The Stationery Office
ISBN : 011321474X
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The Children Act 1989 has led to a number of amendments to adoption law. It introduces changes designed to harmonize adoption law in Great Britain and remedies particular defects in the legislation. It also changes the powers of the courts in cases where adoption orders have been made. This guidance outlines the effects of the Act on adoption issues.

Author : Ian McEwan
Genre : Fiction
Publisher : Knopf Canada
ISBN : 9780345809643
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NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE A brilliant, emotionally wrenching novel from the author of Atonement and Amsterdam. Fiona Maye is a High Court judge in London presiding over cases in family court. She is fiercely intelligent, well respected, and deeply immersed in the nuances of her particular field of law. Often the outcome of a case seems simple from the outside, the course of action to ensure a child's welfare obvious. But the law requires more rigor than mere pragmatism, and Fiona is expert in considering the sensitivities of culture and religion when handing down her verdicts. But Fiona's professional success belies domestic strife. Her husband, Jack, asks her to consider an open marriage and, after an argument, moves out of their house. His departure leaves her adrift, wondering whether it was not love she had lost so much as a modern form of respectability; whether it was not contempt and ostracism she really fears. She decides to throw herself into her work, especially a complex case involving a seventeen-year-old boy whose parents will not permit a lifesaving blood transfusion because it conflicts with their beliefs as Jehovah's Witnesses. But Jack doesn't leave her thoughts, and the pressure to resolve the case--as well as her crumbling marriage--tests Fiona in ways that will keep readers thoroughly enthralled until the last stunning page.

Author : Chronicle Books
Genre : Political Science
Publisher :
ISBN : 1452167141
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Author : Nick Allen
Genre : Psychology
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 9780470016251
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The Children Act is a major piece of legislation that affects all professionals working with children. Since the third edition of this book was published in 1996, there have been some important developments. This Fourth Edition takes these developments into consideration. Topics discussed include case law in the superior courts; the establishment of CAFCASS; and the Fostering Services Regulations of 2002; and much more.

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation
Genre : Digital media
Publisher :
ISBN : UOM:39015089026481
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Author : Maureen O'Loughlin
Genre : Social Science
Publisher : SAGE
ISBN : 9781844454457
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Working with children and families is a challenging, skilled and rewarding area of social work practice. It involves working in diverse settings with various groups of professionals, such as the police, schools, hospitals and community organisations. The current edition of this popular book has been updated to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to undertake essential work with children. It also explores social workers’ values and attitudes in relation to the safety of children and includes references to important legislation such as Every Child Matters, Working Together 2006 and the Adoption and Children Act 2002.

Author : Jane Fortin
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
ISBN : 0521606489
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 722 page

This text considers the developing law in England and Wales as it applies to the burgeoning and confusing subject of the rights of children. It examines the extent to which the emerging legal principles can be harnessed to fulfil those rights.

Author : Jennifer K Beecham
Genre : Social Science
Publisher : Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN : 1846425662
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 144 page

Care services for children depend on a limited supply of resources; it is vital that these are used to best effect. This book considers the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of these services and their contribution to children's well-being. The book presents the findings of a set of original research studies. It looks at services provided by the statutory, for-profit and voluntary sectors, examining the way they are delivered and how resources are distributed. It examines the cost of providing particular services, the extent to which they improve outcomes for children and the degree to which they can be considered cost-effective. It explores what changes can and should be made to improve efficiency, paying particular attention to the possible contributions of early intervention and better co-ordination. From the research findings, Jennifer Beecham and Ian Sinclair draw key messages for practice for the use of resources and for future research in this area. This is an invaluable book for those practitioners, policy makers, managers, who are concerned with social care services for children.