Author :
Genre : Cooking
Publisher : Workman Publishing
ISBN : 0761138099
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 68 page

Featuring an unabashed gingerbread couple who are photographed in unflinching full color, this humorous book is a recipe for pleasure as the "Kama Sutra" meets the "Joy of Cooking."

Author : Patti Paige
Genre : Cooking
Publisher : Kyle Books
ISBN : 9780857839367
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 64 page

Need to spice up your love life? The Gingerbread Kama Sutra is here to help. With chapters ranging from Easy to Advanced to Expert, there's a gingerbread position whatever your flavour. Handy baking templates show you how to make these cookie creations at home, while descriptions from the Kama Sutra mean you can get inventive in the bedroom as well as in the kitchen. Featuring Patti Paige's signature and vegan gingerbread and her top tips for baking and decorating, this book is a sure-fire recipe for romance.

Author : Sadie Cayman
Genre : Sex customs
Publisher : Summersdale
ISBN : 184953778X
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 96 page

Make your love life sizzle with this collection of mind-blowing sex positions inspired by the classic Eastern book of erotica. With positions ranging from slow and sensual to frisky and fun, this book features all the classics as well as adventurous new positions to try, you’ll never want to go back to Missionary again!

Author : Jane Austen
Genre : Humor
Publisher : Cider Mill Press
ISBN : 9781604336689
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 187 page

"I may reasonably hope to have all my expectations of pleasure realized."--Elizabeth Bennet, Pride and Prejudice Discover Jane Austen at her most scandalous--you've never seen THIS side of Jane before! Lines from her classic works have been paired with scandalous silhouettes to create double entendres that will tease readers into all sorts of racy positions. We dare you not to blush as you explore the very steamy, not-so-proper side of Austen's world.

Author : Patti Paige
Genre : Cooking
Publisher : Grand Central Life & Style
ISBN : 9781455548507
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 256 page

The big new idea in baking: cookie transformations-- using a few cookie cutters and a twist of the wrist to create 100 totally unique and fun cookie designs! You Can't Judge a Cookie by Its Cutter: Make More Than 100 Cookie Designs with Only a Handful of Cookie Cutters Dubbed "the most creative baker I know" by Ina Garten, cookie expert Patti Paige reveals the secrets behind her famous decorating techniques and dough recipes. Known for her irresistibly playful cookie designs, Patti shows how, with a change of perspective and her decorating tips, a single cookie cutter is the only tool you need to make a Chick that will transform, into French Fries, a Hen, and a Dog! A pumpkin-shaped cookie morphs into a bunch of bananas or into George Washington's profile; a tea cup into a stork or graduation cap; a ghost into a cat; a football helmet into a bird on a nest or an elephant; a gift box into a spider; or Santa into a turkey , and much more. Plus, Patti shares her seven favorite cookie dough recipes from classic vanilla sugar cookies to vegan gingerbread, and all the tools, tips, techniques and resources needed to create your own transformations in the kitchen - even how to make your own cookie cutters.

Author : Kat Harding
Genre : Self-Help
Publisher : Carlton Books
ISBN : 1780976968
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 144 page

Using clear, empowering text to celebrate the love between women, The Lesbian Kama Sutra encourages love and sex, pleasure and sensuality, uninhibited erotic indulgence, and play. Visually stunning, it features beautiful historical artworks, erotic illustrations, and sophisticated instructional drawings that offer an illustrated journey through the different sexual positions.

Author : DK
Genre : Health & Fitness
Publisher : Penguin
ISBN : 9781465425447
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 386 page

For couples looking to spice up their sex life or just looking to have a bit of fun, Kama Sutra: A Position a Day is packed with tips and erotic know-how about how to perfect and enjoy each position.

Author :
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
Publisher :
ISBN : 0788196782
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 564 page

Author : Charlotte Brown
Genre :
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN : 1537680471
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 114 page

Discover the Art of Love Making This book will change the way you see intimacy in a whole new level! Are you looking for ways to find the deeper meaning of love making? Are you interested to know the magic behind the most popular Kama Sutra? Are you ready to be immersed in a one of a kind history, that brings two people closer to each other? Kama Sutra simply means a "treatise of pleasure." This is made for both a man and a woman to enjoy each other in the most profound way. Kama Sutra: The Total History Of The Ancient Kama Sutra and Modern Uses Of The Love Book will take you back to its roots and show you that there is a more meaningful way to connect with your significant other. Charlotte Brown, the author of this book, explains how Kama Sutra began and how it can effectively take two people to highest levels of pleasure. Here's what you'll find inside: - Underlying Philosophy And The Writing Of The Kama Sutra - Introductory Remarks - On Sexual Union - About The Acquisition Of A Wife - Part IV - About A Wife - About The Wives Of Other People - About Courtesans - On The Means Of Attracting Others To One's Self - Translations And Modern-Day Kama Sutra By the end of this book, you will surely have a greater appreciation and understanding of the history of Kama Sutra. So let us explore together and read this amazing book! Buy your own copy TODAY and enjoy!

Author : Nitya Lacroix
Genre : Self-Help
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 9781629142708
Type book : PDF, Epub, Kindle and Mobi
File Download : 192 page

Sex expert Nitya Lacroix brings an energetic new take to ancient sex techniques and positions in Kama Sutra. This lively and inspirational text offers new and exciting insights into the Kama Sutra’s teachings and explores every aspect of a sexual relationship, including sexual attraction, wooing and wowing, foreplay, and arousal. Supercharged erotic photography, supported by beautiful and explicit Indian artworks, illustrates the unique sequences for sensational sex. However, Kama Sutra: A Modern Guide to the Ancient Art of Sex is not just another catalogue of positions: Nitya Lacroix describes seven incredible sexual sequences that demonstrate how the postures described in the Kama Sutra were intended to flow into each other easily and elegantly. This sumptuous yet highly practical guide reinterprets the sexual practices of ancient India for the enjoyment of modern Western lovers, and explains how each sexual position excites and delights men and women in very different ways.